MAP an affiliate of TJ's Inc.

Madison Apprenticeship program


T.J.’S was founded in Wisconsin in 1999 by Diana Shinall.  Innovative techniques, supportive climate, and conscientious detail are the trademark of this company.  Our client satisfaction is a critical factor in the success of T.J.’S. person-center planning approach.   Since 2005 TJ's has been offering Adult Education and Mentorship to and in the Allied-Dunn’s Marsh neighborhood and the City of Madison as a whole.  This is in the form of a transformational intense 12 week life skills and pre-employment training.  The program is the highly successful Madison Apprenticeship Program, also known as MAP.


MAP was created and designed as an individualized case management approach to helping communities in need.  The sole founding concept behind its creation was the importance of remembering that, if one aspect of a person's life is not touched through the process of change, it is easier for that individual to fall back into his/her prior lifestyle.  The Madison Apprenticeship Program can be replicated in any city, county or state that is impoverished.




      Promote self-worth

      Build self-esteem

      Construct a better life

      Achieve financial stability

      Positive community impact





      Executive Director

      Office Manager

      Program Assistant

      Outreach Specialist

      Child Care Volunteer

      Volunteer Coordinator




      Sessions are held three times a week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

      Sessions are from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

      Each program will be 12-weeks in duration.






      Zero cost to participants

      On-Site Child Care

      Nutritious dinner provided at each session

      Ongoing mentoring and support services

      Community Referrals






      The MAP office is located at 902 Ann Street, Madison, WI  53713

      Office hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm




      Promotes positive self-worth

      Produces a more positive environment

      Reduces the crime rate

      Reduces city cost

      Reduces unemployment




      Provide positive personalized mentorship experiences

      Assist participants in the development of grant proposals and creation of business plans

      Provide an overview into the world of business and higher education, while strengthening social skills to promote success




      Participants range in age from 17 to 65 years old

      88% African American, 8% Caucasian, 4% Hispanic

      70% Overall Success Rate vs National DOC 50%

      >80% of graduates went on to employment, trade apprenticeships or community endeavors


T.J's Support Brokerage Firm Inc.


TJ Inc.

T. J.’s Support Brokerage Firm, Inc. was formed in March of 2001 to provide Support Brokers who assist with service coordination for a friend or family member who has selected them. They work on a part-time basis, and have a caseload of only one or two consumers. T.J.’s resources are made available to brokers to assure that they are able to meet the needs of the consumers they serve. The organization also serves as a liaison to Dane County Human Services to assist in providing services to the consumers, to ensure continuity of care, and quality assurance.

Diana Shinall-Executive Director

Mission Statement: Our mission is to assist those in the

community who are developmentally disabled,

advocating and assisting them in securing adequate

services to ensure their needs are met. We assist our

Support Brokers through mentoring and monitoring,

assuring the consumer’s needs are met at all times and

their rights are not violated. Quality of life is the main

purpose for the way we conduct business on behalf of

the consumer.

History: Originated in May 1999 by the founder Diana

Shinall in the State of Wisconsin. A home-based

business, TJ’s Inc provides its clientele with more than

just service. We provide the additional ingredient of

flexibility that goes to the heart of the matter of what

clients look for in an agency.

Services Provided: In our effort to provide quality

assistance to a growing system, as the scope broadens,

our service expands to assisting other Brokers. This

service will facilitate in increasing their skills, to help

them meet the challenges and growing demands they

will face as this segment of the population increases.

Area of Expertise: TJ’s Inc. provides high quality

support through a wide range of techniques. Services

are provided to the consumer one-on-one in their own

environment. The Broker support is also based on oneon-

one through various methods such as face-to-face,

telephone follow-through, and Internet connection to

ensure continuity of service and care contact is ongoing

between TJ’s and Dane County.

Creating Community Involvement: TJ’s Inc is

involved in many community programs that are ensuring

quality of life for the developmentally disabled. The

Executive Director serves as the Chairperson of the

Outreach Committee within the Developmental

Disabilities Coalition, assisting in the planning of

various conferences to assist the community at large

with ongoing understanding of the system as a whole.

Our Motto: “There are no limitations”